Rhys's Story

At the beginning of the academic year, Rhys Kedward's attitude towards school was poor. He exhibited disinterest in school, struggled to build relationships, and lacked enthusiasm for learning. He frequently skipped classes, struggled to connect with staff members and posed challenges not only to his own learning but also disrupted the learning environment for his peers.

However, through targeted support on our Premier League Inspires project at St John the Baptist School, Aberdare, Rhys now demonstrates a positive attitude towards his studies and an eagerness to pursue further education and career opportunities. Course modules such as community impact, wellbeing, digital skills and more have collectively enhanced his positive outlook on his future.

the Princes Trust workbook helped develop his essential soft skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership

Recognizing Rhys's potential and the need for intervention, Community Foundation Mentors Tobi and Mathew implemented personalized support strategies to engage Rhys effectively. They leveraged Rhys's passion for sports as a motivational tool to foster his interest in learning. Through sports, he cultivated discipline, teamwork, and resilience, which translated into his academic progression. Additionally, the Princes Trust workbook helped develop his essential soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and leadership, crucial for Rhys's personal and professional development.

Over the course of the year, Rhys's transformation was evident. He began to actively participate in lessons, displaying improved behaviour and demonstrating a willingness to assist his classmates. His dedication to completing coursework was remarkable, as he became the first participant to finish the workbook. The camaraderie he felt in his sessions, along with a sense of achievement he experienced through completion of his work - has bolstered his confidence and self-esteem.

A significant aspect of Rhys's transformation was the development of positive interpersonal relationships. Not only did he forge strong bonds with his peers, but he also established meaningful connections with his mentors - providing him with a strong support network and encouragement. With his increased enjoyment of school, Rhys's attendance also saw an drastic improvement.

With hard work and determination, Rhys not only overcame academic challenges but also developed essential life skills and a positive outlook for the future - to help him successfully navigate early adulthood. Following his attainment of a Princes Trust Level 2 Certificate in Personal Development and Employability skills, which is equivalent to two B grades, Rhys is now gearing up to move to college, utilizing the soft skills he acquired from the Premier League Inspires course material.

"I liked coming to Cardiff City FC Community Foundation lessons as it was a change from normal school lessons which I didn’t enjoy as much - the tutors Tobi and Mat made it enjoyable and fun to learn."

"Rhys has engaged well with CCFC; although an initial reluctance at first, through completing the Sports Leaders Qualification Rhys was able to be motivated by a quick gain and reward and this allowed Rhys to see his potential in being able to support others and recognise his own skillset. With this self-belief and motivation, Rhys began the Princes Trust. In these sessions, Rhys has grown in maturity and has recognised in himself his potential and ability to achieve with focus. Importantly, Rhys has understood how to engage in his learning, and this has impacted on his approach to his other subjects. Rhys has enjoyed the learning approach in these sessions, and it is this that has helped Rhys grow in confidence that has impacted his learning elsewhere." - Sarah Long, Learning Manager at St Johns The Baptist School, Abedare.

"I liked coming to Cardiff City FC Community Foundation lessons as it was a change from normal school lessons which I didn’t enjoy as much - the tutors Tobi and Mat made it enjoyable and fun to learn. These lessons have made me feel more confident and prepared to go to college next year and pursue my passion for bricklaying. These lessons have made me more active, healthy and have developed my communication and problem solving." - Rhys Kedward, 16.

We're on a mission to make education and skills development accessible to all and to help people develop game changing life skills that will set them up for success. Our secondary education provision offers a nurturing environment for tailored guidance and mentorship, to help people like Rhys reach their full potential.

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