BA (Hons) Sports Business and Management

The BA (Hons) in Sports Business and Management allows students to study remotely with Cardiff City FC Foundation at Cardiff City House of Sport.

This degree provides the opportunity to study in the workplace of a professional organisation in this sector, thus enhancing your employment opportunities.

To study this degree you’ll need a formalised affiliation with a professional Sports club, through the EFL.

Lectures are produced by USW staff, but you study these materials remotely at Cardiff City House of Sport with us. You will also attend USW up to 3-times per year for Residential Study Visits. You’re also assigned a Cardiff City FC Foundation Mentor who facilitates your learning and supports the organisation of your weekly placement.

A key part of this degree is the increased amount of placement hours you will experience. You will undertake 4-8 hours per week in year 1 and 7-14 hours per week in years 2 and 3. These experiences will mainly be working within the remit of Cardiff City FC and will give you practical experience of working within the sports business and management industry.

You may also get a wider experience through opportunities via Cardiff City FC's sponsors and partners.

Applications for all 2024 entry undergraduate courses should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 on 31 January 2024.

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