Ralphy's Story

Ralphy, a 10-year-old pupil at Jenner Park Primary School in Barry, faces daily challenges due to epilepsy and learning difficulties diagnosed in early childhood. His love for football, particularly Cardiff City FC, provides hope during these challenges.

Before Ralphy engaged with the Premier League Primary Stars project and Inclusive Kicks sessions, his life was centered around navigating health conditions. But with PE lessons and targeted interventions in PSHE, we saw his love for football and adjusted interventions to match his passion.

Programme adaptability ensured Ralphy could participate regardless of challenges, promoting equality and embracing diversity.

Coach Chloe and her guide dog Emily played a crucial role in Ralphy’s development. Engaging in inclusive football sessions and competitions throughout the year, Ralphy built a positive relationship with the coaches. Chloe’s role in managing the Sensory Room on matchdays ensured familiarity and ease of access for Ralphy.

Positive feedback from coaches and peers instilled confidence.

These sessions didn’t just impact Ralphy on the field, they also boosted his confidence and self-esteem. The inclusive environment made him feel accomplished. Football not only improved his physical skills but also became a platform to showcase his abilities. Positive feedback from coaches and peers instilled newfound confidence, empowering him to face challenges positively.

"Ralphy's really enjoyed the Primary Stars Sessions that we've had with Chloe and Emily. He now takes the lead, he rounds everyone up so that everyone is included - It's been lovely to see his confidence blossom" - Rebecca Hewitt, ALN Teacher at Jenner Park Primary School

Beyond physical and mental benefits, Ralphy’s engagement contributed significantly to his holistic development. The provision provided a unique space for personal growth, evident in Ralphy’s improved social skills, communication, and emotional well-being.

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