Georgina's Story

We first interacted with 15-year-old Georgina in 2017 through our Premier League Kicks Girls sessions, in which she was initially anxious and apprehensive about starting a new activity with strangers.

She quickly became a regular member of our sessions and made huge strides in becoming a role model-type figure for her fellow participants.

This prompted our coaches to invite her to take part in Premier League Changemakers – an initiative that gives young women the opportunity to develop positive attitudes and leadership qualities – in partnership with the Premier League Charitable Fund.

From the first session, Georgina took this opportunity in her stride and has used her on the Changemakers initiative to outline her ambitions to become a strong, independent individual.

Changemakers has allowed Georgina to build positive relationships with other young women, as well as contributing positively to her mental health – giving her the structure and confidence she needs to thrive in other areas of her life:

“Premier League Changemakers has allowed me to be comfortable in myself and has brought a confidence that I didn’t have previously.

“It has helped me to understand we are all on a different journey and I’ve now found my focus – to work on my own goals as well as support others.

“Since completing the course, I have now signed for Cardiff City Women’s U19 team and now want to kick on and achieve some of my other ambitions.”

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