Dylan's Story

Teenager Dylan was referred to Kicks Targeted by the Cardiff Youth Offending Service following his exclusion from school.

His behaviour was deteriorating rapidly and would often leave his home without any reasoning or just cause.

Through our one-to-one mentoring, our mentors used the power of Cardiff City FC to keep Dylan engaged, support his wellbeing, and earn his trust. As a result, this allowed us to work with Dylan to find different techniques to control his hostile behaviour, build positive relationships and visualise what his future holds.

Discovering his love for sport, our Future Pathways post-16 education programme was the perfect blend of theory and practical activities that Dylan needed. He is now studying on our BTEC Level Two in Sport and is on track to progress onto our BTEC Level Three Extended Diploma in Sport next year. He has made a new group a friends and has committed to changing his life for the better.

Dylan’s progress has been extraordinary, as outlined by his Youth Worker, Adrian:

“It’s been so refreshing to see Dylan’s progress – he’s shown inner strength to take a step towards making his future bright. Dylan is now working towards his childhood dreams of enjoying sport and has been really keen to get involved with Cardiff City FC Foundation.

“The one-to-one sessional work has reinforced the trust and confidence that Dylan is nurturing and will definitely continue to thrive through continued support and being surrounded by positive role models.”

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