Power Chair Football

Cardiff City FC Foundation runs Power Chair Football sessions as part of our Bluebirds Ability project, using the power of Cardiff City FC to improve wellbeing, develop confidence, and increase social interaction.

Our Power Chair Football session details are as follows:


Cardiff City House of Sport 3 Roller Rink (CF11 8AW)


Every Wednesday (term-time only)


Under 16s: 5-6pm


8 participants per time slot

We will have a hoist available for use but would ask family members, friends or carers to undertake the transfer of players into and from the Power Chairs at each session if required.

We will be launching a Powerchair Football team in the near future to represent Cardiff City FC Community Foundation!

We envisage the team being for those aged 14 and over and the aim will be to play fixtures in Cardiff and beyond.

To do this we will need new players, supporters and volunteers to facilitate training and matches.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the Sign Up Today form below and select Powerchair Football Team from the Which of our sessions are you interested in? drop-down box.

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