Bluebird Penalty Shootout App


19th February 2016

On Saturday 20th February, Cardiff City FC Foundation released its new Bluebirds Penalty Shootout app, at the Cardiff City fixture against Brighton and Hove Albion. The app, which is free and available for ios and Android was created by 21 year old Jackson and is described as a “fun app, designed around the real life equivalent of a penalty shootout, giving Cardiff City fans and those familiar with the foundation the connection and a chance to be part of the community”.




The Foundation sat down to talk to Jackson in a brief interview to find out about the hard work that went into the app, which has offered the opportunity for someone like Jackson who lacked the qualifications but exceeded in drive and enthusiasm, to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for app development, as well as the experience necessary to land him a job a year later.


Before starting to work on the Penalty Shootout app, Jackson was looking for work in app development, but didn’t have the qualifications needed to jump straight into a job. Instead he taught himself the code necessary for app development and further on volunteered at the social enterprise, Big Click, who then gave him the project of the Penalty Shootout app. Jackson describes this as “a learning experience” that enabled him to work towards a job through an alternative route to university.


The idea for the Penalty Shootout app was inspired by the inflatable goal used by the Foundation at events and was later on recreated through modeling software. Besides the physical characteristics of the app, the Foundation hopes this will help to include more young people by allowing them to take part as a community. The app acts as a fun bridge between the fans and those within the Foundation and those who have knowledge of its work.


Now a Cardiff City fan, Jackson hopes to keep working on the app as he develops his skills to keep this one updated. “I like the idea of keeping something going, updating it, keeping people interested”


Download the app today!