31st March 2017

The ‘Get Into Security’ programme is one of the many inclusion programmes provided by the Foundation, offering 18-30 year olds who are not currently in education, employment or training the chance to begin a career in the security industry.


Over the course of two weeks based at Cardiff City Stadium, students can earn their SIA door supervisor’s licence, as well as a separate First Aid qualification, which they can then use to find employment or further training.




There are many ways to get involved with the course; some participants refer themselves if they are interested, while others are recommended by organisations such as colleges, youth centres, the Foundation and job centres with the aim of securing them employment.


The Prince’s Trust, who fund the project, recruit individuals and give them a short interview to ensure that they meet the requirements, before bringing them to the stadium for an induction day. On this day, prospective participants meet the course leaders, have a tour of the stadium, and receive a talk about the structure of the course before the day ends with each individual having a short interview.


Over the 3 weeks, students cover three theory modules and one practical, with a short assessment at the end of the course. This programme allows students to get experience of being in and around a state of the art stadium, as well as a visit to the Wales Millennium Centre, in order to get real-world experience of the industry and how what they learn can be applied. Individuals are also provided with kit, have their travel expenses reimbursed and will enjoy lunch every day at the stadium.




Upon completion, successful participants will receive their SIA door supervisor’s licence, funded by the Prince’s Trust, as well as a first aid qualification as accredited by St John’s Ambulance.


The Prince’s Trust then help individuals to find suitable employment opportunities, something which has proved highly successful, with 57 of 63 ‘Get Into Security’ participants being offered employment in 2015/16.


Partner organisation of the course, Rubicon, provide employment and volunteering opportunities to the participants. Dave Corbett, CEO of Rubicon, said: “For us, this is an outstanding course, as running it over two weeks gives us the chance to really get to know the individuals which provides us with a much higher calibre of candidate who we are then able to employ and retain for the future.”


One current participant, Stephen, has already secured employment ready for when he finishes the course in a few days’ time. He will be working on the trains in Newport during the day and on pub and club doors at night. He is also keen to get further qualifications such as CCTV training, showing the success of this course in igniting an enthusiasm among young people to get into employment and training.


Additional workshops covering topics such as Drug and Alcohol Awareness are also on offer to students, as well as an extra first aid qualification specialising in knife wounds, run in association with Street Doctors.




Guidance is given to participants on CV writing and how to research jobs, because ultimately, this programme aims to get young people into employment, namely with Cardiff City FC, Rubicon or other security organisations. Richard Archer, an ex-employee of the club who has returned as a security consultant, says: “This is a work-ready programme, rather than an introductory course. It recruits those who are ready to take the next step, or may just need a little nudge towards employment. We want to show that security is an achievable and ever-growing industry to get into.”


So, what are students enjoying about the course? Stephen said he appreciated the chance to get a first aid qualification as this is important and valuable experience to have. Another participant, Charlotte enjoyed the team work and social aspect of the course, saying: “There really haven’t been any negatives. I think the main thing is that everyone gets on and we meet up outside of the course as well. We’re like a family.”




For more information on future ‘Get Into’ courses with the Prince’s Trust and Cardiff City FC Foundation, call free on 0800 842 842 or text ‘CALL ME’ to 07983 385418.