7th November 2016


‘All Skilled Up’ helping local children develop literacy skills




‘All Skilled Up’ is a partnership between Cardiff City FC Foundation and Literature Wales, supported by the PFA and Premier League Charitable Fund. It is a literacy project aimed at Key Stage 2 children across South Wales and it aims to increase basic skills in reading, writing and speaking, whilst using football as the learning tool.




The project recently received a famous helping hand from Michael Sheen who visited Herbert Thompson Primary School. With 45% of pupils identified as having additional learning needs, and 17% of pupils speaking English as an additional language, Herbert Thompson is looking to benefit from a positive relationship with Cardiff City Foundation and the ‘All Skilled Up’ programme.




Showcasing the importance of innovative literacy programmes such as ‘All Skilled Up’, Michael read a chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the children of Herbert Thompson.




The school is yet to be involved in the literacy programme but has been involved in several other Foundation initiatives, and will be one of the schools to benefit from the ‘All Skilled Up’ intervention later this academic year.




The project, centered around a love for football, captures the imagination of children with innovative and engaging lessons that blend literacy learning with their love of sport.




Literacy lessons are broken down into a six-week schedule which will see children engaging with different aspects of literacy in sport. The lessons are set to be laid out as follows:


Lesson 1 – Match Report – This will see children working with a Cardiff City FC match report, answering questions on written information.


Lesson 2 – You’re the Commentator – Children will be asked to write their own commentary script whilst watching highlights of a Cardiff City FC match.


Lesson 3 – Sports Personality Research – The exercise will ask children to gather information on a sports personality, developing research skills alongside literacy


Lesson 4 – Press Conference – Children will be asked to make notes ready for a press conference using the information they gathered during lesson 3. They will also be required to answer questions about their love for football using written skills.


Lesson 5 – What Happens Next? – Children will be asked to view football clips and detail what they believe happens next using their grasp of written communication.


Lesson 6 – Stadium Tour & Poets Corner – Children will be taken on a stadium tour, during which they will asked questions where they can showcase their newly developed literacy skills. The lesson will also see children draft and write a poem.




Alongside the literacy lessons, children are delivered first class football coaching sessions that aim to increase teamwork, and ultimately help them develop their football skills in a fun and safe environment.