27th March 2015

A collaborative article written by The Prince’s Trust participants


Last week, thirteen local young people took part in a ‘Get Started With Media’ course in conjunction with the Prince’s Trust Cymru and Cardiff City FC Community and Education Foundation.


During the week, the learners participated in a variety of activities and workshops; including an insight into how the Media Department at Cardiff City Stadium operates, a tour of the BBC and a Q&A with its staff, a workshop on how to write a news article plus a camera and presenting workshop with Cardiff City Player’s very own Amy McNiven and Emily Morgan!


Jordan Jones, who is a life-long Cardiff City fan joined the course in order to learn about potential careers within the media industry, said: “The course opened my eyes and broadened my horizons to really kickstart a career in the media industry. It helped my media understanding and expanded my knowledge of the profession.”


Whilst the main aim of the course was to give the learners a general insight into media, they were also given the opportunity to learn a variety of skills used in professional broadcasting such as camera control, presenting, conducting an interview, how to utilise social media effectively for professional use and the chance to meet new people and make new friends – something that was especially important to Joel from Llanishen: “I’ve been on many training courses but here I felt like I’d been accepted into a community. I feel as though that everyone here are more than just fellow learners but they are now part of my life.”


As well as all of this, the learners were also given an expansive tour of the Cardiff City media facilities, tickets to Cardiff City v Bournemouth, a visit to BBC Wales Headquarters including a behind the scenes look at the Crimewatch and Scrum V sets, and the chance to learn about potential opportunities within the Cardiff City FC Foundation and The Prince’s Trust Cymru.


“Before the course I was sceptical about walking into a room of strangers and learning about a sports orientated organisation,” said Tino, 23, from Llanishen. “With such a diverse set of perspectives on the media I have learnt and developed a lot of skills and qualities within myself to help prepare me for a life in the media industry. Plus I have made new friends who were once strangers. Thank you Cardiff City Foundation and the Prince’s Trust Cymru for giving me the opportunity to get started with media.”


All of the course participants would like to say a big thank you to Geraint Daniel and David Burton from The Prince’s Trust, Sarah Brooks from the BBC as well as Callum, Malcolm, Emily, Amy and Richard Archer from the Cardiff City Foundation.