Damian & Josh


12th October 2015

The Foundation’s very own Women & Girls Development Manager Damian Flynn, and Disability & Health Coordinator Josh Law have been shortlisted for the Nation Radio Sport Awards, 2015.


Damian’s hard grafting work ethic has rightfully seen him shortlisted for the Community Coach of the Year Award, whilst Josh’s commitment to providing better opportunities has seen him shortlisted for the Disability Sport Coach of the Year Award.


Click the link to vote http://www.nationradio.com/event_items/18469-2/



Damian Flynn has been working with the Foundation for 5 years, progressing from a community coach to the Foundation’s Women & Girls’ Manager in 2013. Damian’s enthusiasm for women and girls’ football excels at the demand of a role that requires more than a typical full time job. Damian has a sincere passion for improving and developing the opportunities for all involved with Cardiff City FC Foundation – junior, senior and development teams.


The provision that Damian runs on a daily basis includes the South Wales Girls Performance Centres, Girls Only Turn up and Play Centres, Girls Only Development Centres, Girls Only Soccer Schools and the Women’s Senior & Development Squads, operating in Cardiff, RCT and Bridgend.


The figures from 2014/15 speak for themselves;


  • New unique participants engaging with us for the first time – 614
  • Number of session – 254
  • Number of participant visits – 6,278
  • Number of engagement hours – 12,749


Cardiff City FC Foundation’s 7 disability impairment teams provide excellent opportunities for senior and junior participants from across South Wales. Many of our teams have been successful at different levels and are widely recognised throughout the UK. During the 2014/15 academic year we noted a total of 1,592 unique disability participants, this is a dramatic increase from the 238 registered participants from 2013/14.


This incredible increase in disabled participants is no surprise to the staff at Cardiff City FC Foundation and is predominantly resultant of the commitment from Josh Law. Josh has dedicated his evenings and often weekends to providing fun and competitive football sessions to people who love the game and want to be a part of it in any way they can. 398 sessions were delivered in 2014/15 by Cardiff City FC Foundation, providing more opportunities for disability football in Cardiff than ever before.


To vote for Damian and Josh please click the link below.