Cardiff City Kicks Team Photo


6th November 2015

Our Premier League Kicks project offers weekly FREE sports sessions to young people of ages 14-19 across a variety of venues in South Wales; including Aberdare, Barry, Butetown, Caerau, Caerphilly, Ely and Llanishen.


During the October Half Term, a Kicks Under 16’s tournament and a Kicks Over 16’s tournament were held at the Cardiff City House of Sport. Young people from each of our PL Kicks sites were selcted to take part in the tournaments for showing good behaviour and regularly attending our Kicks sessions over the past couple of months. The tournaments allowed us the opportunity to bring together young people, from a diverse geographical and cultural background, but share the same involvement of weekly Premier League Kicks sessions in their own local community.

The Kicks Under 16’s tournament was won by our Aberdare representatives, known as ‘Class On Grass’. Class On Grass have taken part in a number of Cardiff City Kicks tournaments over the past couple of years, as they have been attending our Aberdare Kicks site, held every Monday & Friday at the Sobell Leisure Centre, since 2013. This group of young players have also represented us at National Premier League Kicks tournaments held in Liverpool and Southampton.

Before the young people took part in the playing of the Kicks Under 16’s Tournament, they attended a Barclays Money Skills Workshop at Cardiff City House of Sport. This workshop allowed the young people to work in their teams, with one of the ten local Barclays staff members assiting them, to budget and plan their own football tournament. Once this stage was complete, the teams presented their idea to the rest of the group with a Barclays panel judging the teams to find a winner. The winners of this task were from our Barry Kicks site where they received medals and a trophy for their efforts.

Barclays Money Skills Winners



Our Over 16’s Kicks Tournament again saw each Kicks site represented, with plenty of skilful football talent on show, the eventual winning team coming from our Aberdare Kicks site. This meant it was a clean sweep for the Kicks players representing Aberdare.

On Thursday we were invited to take part in a National Kicks Tournament hosted by Arsenal FC Community in London. We took nine players from our Ely & Caerau Kicks site on the train, organised by British Transport Police, to London where we were given an all access tour of the Emirates Stadium by Arsenal staff prior to the tournament. The tournament had Kicks teams from Tottenham Hotspur, Charlton Athletic Community Trust, Millwall Community, QPR in the Community Trust and winners on the day West Ham United FC.

London Kicks Team Photo


This was a fantastic opportunity for our young players and one that they throuroughly enjoyed and will never forget. What made it even more special was that eight of the players had never been to London before and were able to experience a ride on the London Tube, a tour of the Arsenal Emirates Stadium and represent Cardiff City FC in a National Tournament.


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